Accelerate your Sales

AI Enabled Strategic Sales Management Processes

Key Account Intelligence

Strategic Sales Management involves best in class sales processes. Performing pro-active account research leveraging market intelligence for key accounts helps control and generate better sales outcomes. With intelligence on key accounts sales and marketing collaborative efforts are also better aligned

Key Buying Signals

Contextual key buying signals using powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) features provides new leads / opportunities and partnership opportunities. Thereby enabling higher sales and revenue growth.

Relationship Insights

Manage Strategic relationship for Key Accounts. Leverage Relationship Insights for Predictive Sales, Intent Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Product Recommendations, Cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and much more for improved sales and productivity.

Key Account Management

Engage with stakeholders of Key Accounts providing a 360 degree experience. Provide valuable insights to create value for Client Businesses for the Key Accounts translating to higher wins.