AI Driven Sales

Empowering to Stay Ahead - Intelligence for a Strategic Advantage

Business Ecosystem Intelligence with Innoneuron

Stay ahead of the curve through automated and continuously monitoring of your configured business ecosystem. Leverage funnelled Key Buying Signals and Market Intelligence for your Strategic Accounts with an AI engine that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and algorithms to process complex patterns.

Strategic Market Intelligence

With powerful Machine Learning and NLP functionality, our AI engine has the capability of providing Strategic Market Intelligence for Key Accounts to stay on top all the time

Business Signals

Get access to Key Buying Signals derived from event patterns across the ecosystem and deliver it as leads/insights to the Sales team.

Seamless Integration

Integration with MS Dynamics 365 platform enables seamless access to new leads/opportunities and strategic insights across prospects, partners, competitors, etc.

Relationship edge with Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence

Leverage Microsoft’s Azure based Artificial Intelligence suite with Complex Machine Learning algorithms to manage Key Accounts, Increase Sales, ease Sales Operations and achieve higher productivity with auto alerts, action cards, etc.

Relationship Analytics

NLP engine that performs Intent Analysis and Sentiment Analysis for Predictive Sales, Cross-sell / Up-sell opportunities, Product recommendations etc. for higher sales

Relationship Assistant

Customisable Action Cards in Dynamics 365 to take care of proposal due dates, email responses, scheduled calls, travel itineraries, etc. to significantly improve productivity

Auto Capture

Enabling users to channel external data into Dynamics 365 in order to automatically create leads / opportunities from emails

Email Engagement

Track recipient activity such as opens and clicks, schedule email sends based on business intelligence, track followed attachments, view email statistics, and monitor activity timeline.